Concrete as Construction Materials

Concrete as Construction Materials

Mastour ReadyMix is a Ready mix Concrete, cement and related construction materials and services company Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Concrete is the most widely used man made construction material in the world, and is second only water as the most utilized substance on planet. It is obtained by mixing cementitious materials, water and aggregates (and sometimes admixtures) in required proportions. The mixture when placed in forms and allowed to cure, hardens into a rock-like mass know as concrete. The hardening is caused by chemical reaction between water and cement and it continues for a long time, and consequently concrete grows stronger with age. The hardened concrete may also be considered  as an artificial stone in which the voids of larger particles (coarse aggregate) are filled by the smaller particles ( fine aggregate) and the voids of fine aggregate are filled with cement. In a concrete mix the cementitious material and water form a paste called cement-water paste which in addition to filling the voids of fine aggregates , coast the surface of fine and coarse aggregates and binds them together as it cures, thereby cementing the particles of the aggregates together in a compact mass.

The strength, durability and other characteristics of concrete depend upon the properties of its ingredients, on proportion of mix, the method of compaction and other control during placing, compaction and curing. The popularity of concrete is due to the fact that from the common ingredients, it is possible to tailor the properties of concrete to meet demands of any particular situation. The advance in concrete technology  have paved the way  to make the best use of local availability materials by judicious mix proportioning and proper workmanship, so as the produce concrete satisfying performance requirement.

The key to producing a strong , durable and uniform concrete, i.e. high performance concrete  lies in the careful control of its basic and process components .

What Materials Are Used to Make Concrete?

What Materials Are Used to Make Concrete

What Materials Are Used to Make Concrete

Concrete is an integral part of modern society. From roads and bridges to the buildings in which we live and work, everywhere around you are structures and infrastructures comprised of concrete. Considering concrete is used to make vital parts of our everyday lives, you should know the science behind concrete that makes it so strong and reliable.

Composition of Concrete

Concrete is made from more than one type of material, making it a composite material. The composite material is formed with a filler, which is an aggregate used to make the texture of the concrete, and a binder or paste used to “glue” the filler together. Cement and water make up the binder. The mixture of aggregates, cement and water creates the useful composite we know as concrete.


Cement is made from clay, sand, iron ore and limestone burned together at extremely high temperatures. The limestone must be quarried and crushed into small pieces. A mixer combines the small pieces of limestone, iron ore, sand and clay to form a powder of all four components. A rotating cylinder-shaped kiln then burns this composition of materials for up to two hours.


When you mix water with cement, it forms a paste that binds all the components together. The process of hydration is a chemical reaction between the water and the components of the concrete that causes the concrete to harden. You must use pure water to ensure the chemicals react correctly and create strong cement. The ratio between the cement and the water is crucial to making useful cement. Too little or too much water could make the cement too weak or unworkable. Useful cement requires the perfect balance between cement and water.


Aggregates are another component used in making concrete. Aggregates are materials such as sand or rocks added to the cement and water mixture. Since cement is the most expensive part of making concrete, adding cheaper aggregates gives you more concrete for less price. The final product is about 70 to 80 percent aggregates. Choosing a type of aggregate depends on the type of concrete you want to produce. You can create dense, strong concrete by using dense aggregate. Likewise, using soft and porous aggregates like sand creates weaker concrete with less resistance to wear. Like water, good aggregates should be pure. Any impurities in the aggregate could interfere with the chemical reaction required to make concrete or make the concrete weaker.

Concrete : ready mix, precast, barrier and block

Concrete : ready mix, precast, barrier and block

Mastour ReadyMix provide end-to-end high quality ready mix concrete and cement products

Effective quality control of construction materials is key to the production of long lasting structures that satisfy precise design and safety requirements.

We have established associations with a wide range of organizations involved in the production and use of ready mix concrete, precast concrete and concrete pipes and blocks.

In each case, it is essential that existing and new quality control facilities have the correct equipment to meet current and future testing requirements.

Mastour ReadyMix has a longstanding record of providing dedicated testing solutions for concrete producers.  Our solutions range from a single item of test equipment to a fully fitted laboratory, based either on our standard systems for materials quality control and testing centers or a custom built facility.

In addition, we offer comprehensive product support:

• Dedicated Service Department for fast response by trained service engineers.
• National service contracts that offer single supplier cost savings, consistent performance and Health and Safety compliance.

Why Mastour ReadyMix ?

Why Mastour ReadyMix ?

Mastour Ready Mix is one of the major companies operating in the field of construction and reconstruction depends in its work

we are helping people build their dream home, the tallest buildings, the longest bridges and the cities of the future. At the same time, we are solving problems like waste management, and using alternative sources of fuel and energy.

People depend on infrastructure to enable them to move from one place to another, to have a place to work, and to make a home for themselves and their families. At Mastour ReadyMix, we are passionate about delivering effective building solutions that improve people’s lives, their communities, and the world.

Mastour ReaddyMix provides building materials and building solutions to our customers for all kinds of building projects, large and small. From sourcing aggregates and producing cement products to marketing, selling, and distributing cement and ready-mix concrete, we are deeply involved in ensuring the success of our customers’ building projects.

Concrete Durability

Concrete Durability

Mastour ReadyMix is a Ready mix Concrete, cement and related construction materials and services company Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Durability Means Longer Lasting, More Efficient Structures 
Durability is a significant sustainable attribute of concrete because it will not rust, rot, or burn, requiring less energy and resources over time to repair or replace. Concrete builds durable, long-lasting structures including sidewalks, building foundations and envelopes, as well as roadways and bridges. As the most widely used building material in the world, concrete structures have withstood the test of time for more than 2,000 years. Because of its longevity, it can be a viable solution for environmentally responsible design.


Durability is the ability of concrete to resist weathering action, chemical attack, and abrasion while maintaining its desired engineering properties. Different concretes require different degrees of durability depending on the exposure environment and the properties desired. Concrete ingredients, their proportioning, interactions between them, placing and curing practices, and the service environment determine the ultimate durability and life of the concrete.

About Concrete

About Concrete

Mastour ReadyMix is a Ready mix Concrete, cement and related construction materials and services company Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Concrete is a composite building material made from the combination of aggregate and a binder such as cement. The most common form of concrete is Portland cement concrete, which consists of mineral aggregate (generally gravel and sand), Portland cement and water. After mixing, the cement hydrates and eventually hardens into a stone-like material. When used in the generic sense, this is the material referred to by the term concrete.

For a concrete construction of any size, as concrete has a rather low tensile strength, it is generally strengthened using steel rods. This strengthened concrete is then referred to as reinforced concrete. In order to minimize any air bubbles, that would weaken the structure, a vibrator is used to eliminate any air that has been entrained when the liquid concrete mix is poured around the ironwork. Concrete has been the predominant building material in this modern age due to its longevity, formability, and ease of transport. Recent advancements, such as Insulating concrete forms, combine the concrete forming and other construction steps (installation of insulation). All materials must be taken in required proportions as described in standards.

Using Ready Mix Concrete in Construction

Using Ready Mix Concrete in Construction

Mastou Ready Mix, we understand that our ready mix concrete and cement products, are the most unique and versatile building materials.

Building a house or any other type of building is not easy, especially when you do it from scratch. However, there are some shortcuts you can use when you want to shorten the building time and have your project ready in time. One of them involves the use of ready-mix concrete. This is a type of concrete that is manufactured in a factory or batching plant, according to a set recipe, and then delivered to a work site, by truck mounted transit mixers. The result is a precise mixture, allowing specialty concrete mixtures to be developed and implemented on construction sites. Of course, there are some advantages that this type of concrete offers

We were able to say that this was the most commonly used form of concrete. One of the most important advantages when using ready-mix concrete is the fact that you get to save time. As you probably know, time is usually the most important resource. Using ready-mix concrete speeds up the entire process.

Another advantage of using ready-made concrete is the high-quality of the concrete. Ready-mix concrete is consistently of a higher quality than concrete mixed on site. In other words, you’ll get high-quality concrete and you’ll save time and man power at the same time. Just to help you get an idea, you should know that mixing plants use natural ingredients and the standard recipes call for 10 percent to 15 percent cement, which is made up of clay, limestone, sand or shale; about 60 percent to 70 per cent aggregates, typically rock and gravel; and 20 per cent water.

The use of ready-mix concrete also reduces pollution outputs from construction sites, such as the dust created when mixing concrete on site and the possibility of unnecessary wastage due to making more than you need. Although ready-mix concrete requires special care and precautions during casting otherwise it could cause cracks and failure. More information’s about ready mix concrete Products and Services.

Concrete Barrier

Concrete Barriers

Mastour ReadyMix is a Ready mix concrete and cement products company Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

Modular Concrete Barrier employed to separate lanes of traffic. It is designed to minimize vehicle damage in cases of incidental contact while still preventing crossover in the case of head-on accidents.
Also utilized extensively to re-route traffic and protect pedestrians during highway construction, such barriers are increasingly deployed in anti-terrorism roles as both quick fixes and semi-permanent protections against perceived land borne threats.
Their widespread use in road construction has led to wide application as a generic, portable barrier during general construction projects and temporary re-routing of traffic into stopgap carpool and rush hour reversing highway lanes.
Our concrete barriers are available in different sizes . They are ideal for many uses including; temporary roadblocks, protecting vacant sites, Bridge Approaches and Railings, Highway hazards such curve, perimeter fencing, channeling traffic, concrete security blocks and earth retention. Our concrete barriers can be painted with warning signs, company branding, or logos.